Stay in shape from
the comfort of your own home.


Expert guidance from an
experienced personal trainer.


Let us fit into
YOUR schedule.

Whether you’re trying to shed weight, sculpt muscle, or just feel healthier, you need an expert to guide you through workouts structured to help you meet your goals—otherwise, all that effort you’re putting in may not be doing you much good.

Sarah has the education and expertise to give you workouts that are formulated to meet the American College of Sports Medicine’s exercise guidelines as well as target your individual needs.

This personal training is delivered in three different formats: training in Sarah’s in-home gym, training in your home with equipment Sarah brings to you, or training in the workplace as part of a corporate wellness program. In addition, she offers nutritional guidance to all clients by request.

Home: A Personal Trainer That Makes House Calls

For some though, busy schedules can make it hard to find time to drive out for a training session. As a mother, Sarah understands this perfectly well herself.

That’s why she also offers in-home personal training where she comes to you instead of you to her.

If you don’t have fancy exercise equipment, no need to worry. Sarah will bring and set up all the equipment you need. A TRX suspension trainer, BOSU balls, kettle bells, medicine balls—these all offer a versatile range of potential exercises which Sarah uses to build a complete workout. After the workout, she packs it up and takes it with—no need for it to take up your space.

So if your tight schedule makes it hard to hit the gym, or if you want to first build your confidence in the comfort and privacy of your own home, try calling Sarah up for a house call.

Gym: One-on-One Training in Sarah’s In-Home Gym

Gyms are nice because they have so much equipment, and because it’s a designated place where you can go specifically to work out, away from the distractions of daily life.

However, gym environments can be inconvenient and intimidating. You have to pay expensive membership fees, wait for people to free up equipment, wipe sweat off of things before you use them, change in musty locker rooms, ignore people’s over-the-top behavior, and get stared at and hit on if you’re a woman.

Instead, why not come train with Sarah in her home gym. It’s stocked with all the equipment you need, but you don’t have to wait for it ,or clean up, or deal with the embarrassment or stress that you might associate with a gym setting.

It’s a more comfortable, private space where you can get individual attention from an experienced personal trainer as you build your confidence as well as your bod. Great for avoiding the crowd and focusing on your fitness goals.

Work: Develop a Wellness Program for Your Workplace

Corporate wellness programs have been getting a lot of buzz the past few years, and for good reason.

By developing a program that promotes exercise, healthy eating, and other good habits among employees, a company can improve the health of its workforce. This has some serious economic benefits: significantly lower costs for medical care, disability insurance, workman’s compensation, and sick leave, as well as less productivity lost due to employee absences, translates to some companies saving as much as $6 for every dollar spent on wellness. Now that’s a great return on investment.

In addition to that, wellness programs can help employees avoid chronic back pain, manage stress, and quit smoking. This all contributes to increased productivity: fewer smoke breaks to satisfy cigarette cravings, less walking around to relieve back pain from sitting all day, and less frustration resulting from workplace stress.

So whether you set up yoga classes for an office of accountants or teach warehouse workers to right way to lift heavy objects without injury, a wellness program can help your workforce become healthier, happier, and more productive. Invest in your workers, and they’ll invest in their work.

Nutrition Counseling

Sarah also has an extensive knowledge of nutritional health and offers dietary counseling services to all of her clients enrolled in personal training.

The primary way she helps you manage your diet is through food journals. These journals are a good system for creating a clearer picture of your diet and the adjustments that need to be made. And by keeping track of what you eat and requiring you to present it at every training session, food journals help you maintain healthy diets by keeping you accountable.

In other words, you might think twice about eating a lot of processed foods if you have to write it down and you know your personal trainer is going to make you work extra hard at your next workout because of it.

Of course, Sarah will be helping you avoid that fate by offering plenty of advice on what you can eat that’s not only dense with the nutrients you need but also tastes good. And if you need it, she can even refer you to a nutritionist.

So if you’re ready to slim down, shape up, and feel the best you’ve ever felt, give Sarah’s Personal Fitness a call. You can get to a more fit you—and you can count on us to push you in the right direction.