Sarah’s Personal Fitness is the culmination of Sarah’s long-standing love affair with health and fitness. Using her thorough education and many years of experience, Sarah provides you with convenient on-location training sessions in her gym, your home, or your workplace, designed to effectively push you toward a leaner, healthier, more athletic self.

But who is Sarah, how did she get here, and what is it she’s offering you that’s different from the standard fitness clubs?

How We Got Started

Throughout her education and ever since, Sarah has always been teaching or training in some regard.

After earning her Bachelor’s in Exercise Physiology and Kinesiology, her Master’s in Physical Education, and her Health Education Specialist certification, Sarah taught physical education and health to high school students, served as the women’s strength and conditioning coach for the NIU women’s rugby team, taught undergrad students to perform cardiac stress-testing in the exercise physiology lab, and attended various health clubs.

Since her pregnancy, Sarah transitioned to hosting her fitness training sessions in her own home so that she could continue coaching as a mother. This was the start of Sarah’s Personal Fitness, and soon she found that the convenience of in-home fitness suited not only her own busy schedule but her clients’ schedules as well.

With that in mind, she started putting together a variety of services that she could offer to address the various needs people might have.

Training in the Format You Want


Everyone knows they should be exercising to maintain their fitness and health, but the gym isn’t always an attractive option. It can be hard to find time to attend, it gets overcrowded at times, and you may not feel you’re getting an effective workout on your own.

That’s why Sarah offers workout sessions conducted at her in-home gym, in your own home, or at your workplace. Each of these is designed to appeal to a different set of needs.

If you want to attend a private space where you can train one-on-one with a coach without having to wait on people for equipment or clean up afterward, you might be interested in our gym sessions.

If you have a busy schedule and would rather have a fitness trainer visit you in the comfort of your own home, try our home sessions.

And if you’re looking to start a fitness program for your workforce to improve health and morale and reduce sick days, consider our at-work sessions.

The convenience of choosing where your training sessions take place gives you more control over how your workout is structured and how you fit exercise into your life, eliminating excuses not to go to the gym and allowing you to build motivation and confidence in your workout regimen.

Expert Guidance Based in Science

These days anyone can call themselves a personal trainer regardless of their background—ask around at many gyms and you’ll discover that their trainers may have experience coaching and leading workouts, but not much formal education about the body. In fact, all you need to land a job as a fitness trainer is a high school diploma.

And anyway, these trainers usually aren’t the ones structuring and designing the workouts—it’s the owners, whose degrees are often in business.

The result of this is that many gyms offer you workouts that are less than optimal. They aren’t efficient for getting you lean and fit, they don’t comprehensively address all of your body’s health needs, and exercise-related injuries are common. Not to mention the long-term wear and tear on your muscles and joints that could be happening if you’re working out improperly.

Here at Sarah’s Personal Fitness, things couldn’t be any more different. Sarah has an extensive background in fitness and education: she earned a Bachelor’s in Exercise Physiology and Kinesiology, went back for a Master’s in Physical Education, worked as a Certified Health Educator teaching both high school and undergrad students, and has been training men and women like you for over 15 years.


This education and experience lets Sarah examine all the scientific research, sort through the good and bad information out there, and prescribe workouts that fulfill the guidelines recommended by the American College of Sports Medicine for different demographics of people.

That way, you get a workout that’s grounded in a science-based understanding of your body, but also tailored to your individual needs to deliver comprehensive and effective results. So you’ll be able to not only maintain your overall health, but achieve your specific fitness goals with targeted workouts that don’t waste effort.

And maybe most importantly, your workout will be designed to only help your body, not harm it: sure a good workout will leave you a bit sore, but you won’t develop bad knees or back pain from straining your body in the wrong way.

In other words, you get fit and healthy in the most safe, efficient, and personalized way. And we’ll help you get there.