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Sarah’s Personal Fitness in De Kalb, IL

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Most Americans don’t go to the gym—only 16% belong to a health club of any sort. For many of them, it’s an issue of motivation and intimidation. It takes up time and energy that’s in short supply, the gym environment can be overwhelming, and you may feel like you can’t figure out this whole working out thing on your own.

Luckily, Sarah’s here with solutions to help you get lean, fit and healthy, whether you avoid the gym or are looking for the next step to go beyond it.

Who is Sarah?

Sarah has always had an interest in health, fitness, science, helping people identify their goals and assisting in realizing them. These passions have guided her in everything from her involvement in fitness, teaching, and coaching to her years spent as an emergency medical technician.

With a Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Physiology and Kinesiology and a Master’s of Science in Physical Education, as well as 20+ years of professional experience Sarah’s expertise and experience goes far beyond that of your average personal trainer you’d find at a gym.

Because of that, Sarah has a deep understanding of how the human body works, how to design a fitness program tailored to an individual and how to teach the proper technique and form for exercise. Using science as the foundation, Sarah will work with you to create custom workout routines that target your specific fitness goals while considering your current fitness levels to get you the results you want, quickly, efficiently and safely.

Her training sessions will assist you with:

  • Building strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance
  • Burning fat and toning your body
  • Rehabilitating after injury or illness
  • Learning proper form to safely perform exercises
  • Life-coaching and motivation
  • Developing healthy eating and lifestyle habits

The specifics of your workout aren’t the only thing that’s important though—you need an accessible, convenient and fun way to bring fitness into your life.


A More Productive Workout Environment

Sarah spent many years coaching people at health clubs, but after becoming a mother, she realized that she needed a better way to arrange these training sessions to fit them into her schedule—and as it turned out, so did her clients.

That’s when she started training clients in her home studio gym and offering to come to client’s’ homes and offices for in-person sessions. Business professionals and busy moms alike welcomed the opportunity to get a good workout in this more convenient, comfortable, and personal studio gym environment.

Now, she offers personal training in three distinct locations:

  • Her private studio gym, equipped with everything you need for a full workout
  • Your home, where she can bring the gear you need and take you through a training session without you having to drive to the gym and back
  • Your workplace, or office–with the options of individual or small group training available!

Sarah provides you an optimal environment where you can push yourself to drop that fat, tone that muscle, and feel better than ever. Whether you need a gentle push or a swift kick in the rear, Sarah will get you there!

  • Individual Training
  • Couples Training
  • Small Group Training

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